Top Rated Real Estate Agent Redondo Beach CA

So if you ask me who is the best Real Estate Agent in Redondo Beach of course I am going to say yours truly. I'm sure you wouldn't expect anything less.

Actually Zillow has come to the same conclusion and often rates me number one in a number of their ranking categories (most reviews, sales, listings, etc).

Over the past 6 months I have had 6 closed sales in Redondo Beach: 4 listings and 2 buyer sales. Here's some of the many reasons people rate me so favorably on their reviews other than my amazing customer service.

My listings sell quickly over the asking price, quickly and with multiple offers.

My Buyers pay less than the list price.

So basically whichever side of the transaction you are on, I'm making something special happen.

Here's the case studies.

2117 Huntington Lane Unit A

I listed this front unit attached 2 on a lot Townhome for $1,999,000 and we closed escrow at $1,275,500. Actually we had a sales price just a little higher but had to make some adjustments for repairs/condition.

This sales price was on par with new construction from the same builder even though the unit was 10 years old and needed some updates. Plus it has a leased solar system that the buyer had to assume for the balance of the lease term. On the flip side it does have A/C which is now more desirable in the Beach Cities than ever before.

The unit is larger than most and built by Casner. I have always done very well with Casner resales.

2224 Gates Ave Unit A

This detached townhome was new construction from the same builder, Casner. I was able to get it for my buyer for $1,270,000 which was a substantial discount from the original list price of $1,379,000. 

So what is the difference in this sort of matched pair? How does a 10 year old property sell for more than a new home? Great question.

Pricing is a strategy.

Most builders start their listings at too high a price. In fact a recent survey I did indicated that in Redondo Beach about 90% of new construction listings sell for less than the asking price compared with 50% of resales that go into escrow the first 30 days going for over the asking price.

Speaking of pricing strategies.....

2411 Carnegie Lane Unit C

This was another Craig Casner resale but unlike the other two was a rear unit three on a lot. I priced it at $875K and it sold for $910K with multiple offers. Actually I was going to price it at $849,000 but the day before it came on the market I saw there was a huge gaping hole between $850K and $900K so increased the listing price. Strategy.

With the recent spike in prices of 2 on a lot 4 bedroom properties we have seen a parallel increase in 4 bedroom property values across the board in other segments as well, particularly three on a lots where 4 bedroom units are harder to come by.

The 4 bedroom 3 on a lots have 2 beds up and 2 down making it a much more useful floorplan for most families and other uses.

Speaking of 4 bedroom Townhomes let's take a look at another one I sold.

2502 Rockefeller Lane Unit C

This unit had a different challenge being next to the power lines. If nothing else not the most attractive view although it does make for extra light. I priced this home at $839K and we received $865K.

The seller was a professional athlete who was traded to another team. That makes for a different sort of relocation sale than one of my buyer sales.

2412 Clark Ln Unit B

This was your classic relocation sale where the employer used a 3rd party company which acquired the property during escrow and became the ultimate seller to my buyer client.

This property is a 3 bedroom rear two on a lot unit. While it technically is attached it had no common living walls. Any shared walls were garage or external common area space. These properties are trading somewhat higher than the 3 bedroom 3 on a lots because they tend to be larger and the lot density is less.

1900 Slauson Ln

So speaking of 3 bedroom 3 on a lots this unit, which I had staged as a listing benefit (free staging offer) is the unique layout with no common driveway. Even though a 3 bedroom it is over sized which you can mostly feel in the great room and one of the downstairs bedrooms. Listed for $849K, sold for $880K with multiple offers.

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