Redondo Beach Shade Hotel


Redondo Beach Waterfront Revitalization, Shade Hotel, CenterCal and more

No sooner had the Redondo Beach City Council approved the CenterCal EIR for the development of the South Redondo Beach CenterCal project than a new impediment (depending on which side of this you are on) has developed. Here's the latest twist.

Groups including Rescue Our Waterfront, Building a Better Redondo and the South Bay Parkland Conservancy announced the filing of a lawsuit against the City of Redondo Beach over the approval of the Final Environmental Impact Report of CenterCal Properties Waterfront.

The groups believe that the FEIR as approved by the City violated the California Environmental Quality Act, the California Coastal Act and local coastal zoning. On top of that they allege that the proposed boat ramp facility proposed for Mole B is inherently dangerous. This is likely to be part of an ongoing battle of this crucial initiative.

If you are not familiar with the background of all this.....

The latest development on this front (no pun intended) is that by a three to one vote, with one recusal, the Council voted to deny an appeal of the CenterCal Waterfront Environmental Impact Report, filed by Redondo Beach activist Jim Light. (The EIR was approved on August 8 by the Redondo Beach Harbor Commission.)

With the majority of the Council’s approval, another door has been opened toward the construction of CenterCal’s $400 million redevelopment project, which would develop 523,939 square feet of waterfront real estate, resulting in 312,289 new square feet of development.

The project will add 19 new buildings to the waterfront’s 36 acres. Among the project’s major focuses are a market hall, designed to be reminiscent of “classic wharf-like commercial architecture”, a five-story, 45-foot tall parking structure at the corner of Harbor Drive and Portofino Way,  and a redesign of Seaside Lagoon, which would open the park to the ocean. According to staff, the project would convert acres of surface-level asphalt parking into “substantially improved” public gathering and event spaces.

Truthfully, the parking garage doesn't get me too excited at that height but neither does the one there now!

For the sake of a brief discussion, lets assume that all parties are sincere in their positions and have some valid points and let's look for some common ground.

For example, can anyone make a case that this prime stretch of ocean front real estate is being put to its best and highest use?

Can we create a better presentation on the Redondo Beach Waterfront and one that can drive revenues into the City?

Many people Redondo Beach residents would prefer a revitalized waterfront that is a destination for fun and relaxing. And even if the immediate Pier vicinity becomes more crowded there will always be the option for keeping the status quo just a little further south down the coast.

So let's get past just disagreeing 'bout stuff and get something done.

On a positive not the Shade Hotel is opening soon so we can all go have a drink.